Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

My Crazy Puppy

So guess which crazy doggy decided to take a dolphin dive into the lake this weekend?

Since the weather was warmer this weekend (hovering above freezing), we decided to take a trip to the lake. When we got to the beach area we decided to give Riley some off-leash time. While Riley loves to jump around in the water and get his feet wet, he doesn’t actually do much swimming.

When we let him off-leash he immediately headed towards the water, got his feet wet and had a little drink. He came back and we played some fetch along the shore.

Boy was I surprised when in the middle of the game he decided to make a mighty leap of dock-dog proportions into the lake!

And of course he was unfazed by the icey cold waters and wanted to continue playing. Since the sun was going down and the temperature was dropping we decided to go home.

So what I want to know is, what is the craziest thing your pup has done? 🙂


Good Morning!

Although Riley sleeps in the living room, once in a while I have the pleasure of being woken up by this little monster jumping on my bed.

Pals with Paws: Reunion!

Hi Guys! I haven’t done a pals with paws post in quite some time! Over the weekend I got to meet up with two very special friends that I haven’t seen since winter began! I’ve featured them in  previous posts found here and here.

For my new followers and those who just need a little refresher, I’ll provide you with a short intro to my pals. Snoopy is the black mini schnauzer sitting in my human friend’s arms. The small white dog  is named Tucker.

What a handsome guy!

And Tucker’s such a cutie!

Catch me if you can!

Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

Dashing through the snow!

There’s so much snow on the ground that my balls get lost! Luckily, this frisbee works as a great substitute. I’ll be posting a video soon, showing just how deep the snow is!

Sweater Weather

I got this cool looking sweater from my mommy’s aunt! It was a too tight around the chest/legs so I couldn’t keep it just yet. But I think I look pretty cute in it, don’t ya think? :p

My new fishy friend!

Mommy got a betta fish for her birthday! He’s feisty that’s for sure.

Though, I do have a small confession.. It actually took me a few days to notice him! Mommy, thought I was going crazy when I “randomly” started barking at the table. It was only later that the silly human figured out that I was trying to warn her about the new stranger in the house!

She then lifted me up and let me take a good look at him. After inspecting him carefully, I’ve decided he can stay.


Since mommy has been a lazy bum lately, I haven’t been getting my teeth brushed as often anymore. To supplement I’ve been getting dental chews like greenies as well as a water supplement. Do you guys have a teeth cleaning routine?

Sleeping Position

Yes, human, this is how I sleep, now leave me alone.