Pals With Paws

Meet Myles! He’s one of my newest bestest friends ever. Funny story how we met:

Well, I was minding my own business in the backyard when all of a sudden a husky jumped over the fence! Whoa! He told me he pulled out of his owner’s grip so he could come say hi. I’m always looking for a new friend to play with so I couldn’t be happier! Silly mommy got scared. She later explained that guests usually ring the doorbell to come in. I know that, but we dogs like to do things the convenient way (ie. jumping over fences).

Without further ado, heerresssss Myles!


Sneak attack!

Okay. Okay.. I surrender..

Sorry for the lack of still shots, when Myles comes over it’s all play! Maybe mommy will get some better shots on our next play date.


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