I may look pensive..

..but I just want that ball.


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  1. Riley is very majestic. I wonder how a play date would go?

    • Haha, he may look majestic but he’s really a big goof ball. Riley looovesss other dogs so a play date would go great! Does Ash like to play with other dogs too?

      • Ash has only played with his Sister, and she’s older and more weak, so it’s been stressful lately because he’s outgrown her so much.

      • Oh, I can only imagine! I’m so hesitant to let Riley play with my friend’s puppy, a toy poodle mix, because of the sheer size difference. Hopefully, Ash and Honey can find a way to work things out!

      • I want to introduce Ash to others dogs as often as possible. The last time he was around a dog, he was tiny and it was a year old German Shep… :/ He was cowering, and that isn’t good.

      • Yeah, I think socialization is important. I think the safest way to let Ash meet other dogs is through obedience classes etc. It’s a shame we’re so far away (I think one of your posts mentioned living in the States(?)), I’m sure Riley would have loved to meet Ash!

      • Yea! We live in Florida 🙂 you guys?

      • I’m jealous, the beaches must be amazing! We live in Ontario, Canada 🙂

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