The downfall to hiking?

Carry ons!

Whenever we go hiking I always manage to pickup little “friends” who like to snuggle up to my soft coat and go for a ride. Mommy has to carefully inspect me after every hike to make sure they don’t burying themselves into my skin and make me itch! Just last week she had to pull out some that were stuck under my leg fur. I stayed super still and let her- it was such a relief!

Do you guys have any tips on keeping these burrs and carry ons away? Or getting them off?



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  1. Sophie gets them on her, especially on her ears, all the time since she is so low to the ground and has big Beagle ears. I try to use a fine-tooth comb or just pick them off of her, but they are annoying!

  2. Sampson get’s those too! I’ve found the wire brush gets them right out pretty quickly!

  3. Our Trevor used to get in the burrs something horrible. I learned two ways of getting them out. First I would try to get my fingers under the burr in the fur and pull the hair apart and the burr most of the time would fall out. Later in the year I would just use a pair of pliers and squash it and since it was dried out it would just crumble up and then I could brush it out. Hope this helps! You have a beautiful dog! 🙂

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