Mommy’s friend invited her to an annual barbecue and I received a special invitation! This is actually my second time attending her barbecue but I was only a few months old the first time! Everyone kept commenting on how much I grew, even people I didn’t remember!

I was a little nervous at first and only wanted to be pet by the people who I already knew but I slowly started warming up to the strangers and they weren’t so bad. And the best part? All the humans started giving me yummy human food! I even decided to show them all the tricks I could do! They gave me lots of chicken and steak for that! Mommy was worried that I’d get a stomach ache but I have an iron gut. Besides, how can anything that tastes soo good be bad for you? We stayed there waayy past my bed time. I was got so tired I was glad to cuddle on mommy’s friend’s lap for a nap. Overall it was a great day and mommy was super happy that I got to meet different people in a new surrounding.


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  1. So close and yet so far from snaffling the leftovers. Did you get any??

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