Third Eyelid

Did you know that dogs have a third eyelid? Well mommy didn’t.  In fact, she even freaked out and went to the vet because I had this “white thing” on my right eye. Silly human thought I was going blind! The vet explained to her that it was normal and I just have two different coloured inner eyelids. Pretty neat huh?

Mommy says: Oh, and if anyone is like me and couldn’t figure out where the “second eyelid” is, here’s the breakdown. The top eyelid counts as one lid and the bottom counts as another, so those are the “first and second eye lids”. That leaves the “third eyelid” (or nictitating membrane) which is the inner eyelid that adds extra protection and works similar to windshield wipers.


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  1. Yes I heard that too – useful when going underwater too!

  2. I found that out a year ago (ish) when one of my feline friends hit me in the face and caught it with a claw. I had to go to the vets and have eye drops and and injection. I wish I hadn’t found out really. Still as long as your okay Riley 🙂

  3. Beautiful Riley 🙂

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