Riley, the Wild Thing?

Who me? Couldn’t be.

Over the weekend we had a chance to visit the woods for a nice long walk. It was unusually busy this weekend, we ran into quite a few people and dogs along the way.

I gave one group of people quite the scare though! I had run up a hill ahead of my humans who aren’t nearly as dexterous as I am, when I saw some humans approaching. Suddenly, they stopped and gasped, pointing at me. It was then mommy realized that those humans thought I was a wild animal! It was entertaining to hear their sighs of relief when they finally saw my leash and mommy and realized I was a doggy 😀


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  1. Such a gorgeous pose, and presumptuous expression on Riley’s face.

  2. Silly people – of course you’re not a wild animal – you have that sort of thing under control now.

  3. Sooo cute another Sheltie blogger!

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