Puppy Fever!

I miss this little bat-eared monster. Enough time has passed and I’ve forgotten about the stress of having to chase after and clean up after a crazy never-sleeping land shark! While I’m mentally ready for a new pup, it will be at least another 2 years before I can even think about getting a second addition. So I’m stuck sifting through puppy pics of Riley to curb my puppy fever.

My advice to puppy owners? Stay calm and take lots of pictures! Puppies grow up way too fast!

 photo 1b473f82-1003-4e03-b615-514580610d7f_zpsd97c7cb3.jpg


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  1. I agree with you there we only have a few of Alife as a pup! They grow up so fast you don’t even know they have grown 😀 He is adorable though even as a grown doggy 😀 xx

  2. That’s why I like Sophie. I always had Labs and they grew up SO FAST, but with Sophie being smaller – I can pretend she is a “forever puppy.”

  3. My mommy grew up with this breed of dog! Your puppy Riley is so cute!!

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