Since mommy has been a lazy bum lately, I haven’t been getting my teeth brushed as often anymore. To supplement I’ve been getting dental chews like greenies as well as a water supplement. Do you guys have a teeth cleaning routine?


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  1. Ah I don’t but I keep wondering if I should! My family growing up never brushed any of our dogs’ teeth, so it’s something I just assumed wasn’t needed, but the Internet seems to feel strongly otherwise.

    I do buy her dental chews (not greenies but some other brand that are supposed to be puppy friendly, whatever that means); I’m sure it’s not enough though. Might invest in some doggy toothpaste in the near future… My boyfriend will definitely accuse me of spoiling her 😉

    • Yeah, I learned about brushing dog’s teeth only after I got Riley. It’s not one of those things you really consider! It does make a really big difference though. I’ve noticed quite a bit of tartar build-up on his back teeth so will definitely have to start brushing them soon.

      And yeah, I get accused of spoiling Riley all the time also :p

  2. Trev LOVES greenies!!!!

  3. Riley, do you like the greenies? Sophie isn’t a fan unfortunately =/

  4. We get greenies and other dental treats too….but most of the time i gobble them up so quickly that my humans doubt it does my teeth any cleaning at all 🙂

  5. How do you like them? I’ve not ever seen them for sale in Mexico so I haven’t been able to give them a try with this crew yet!

    • I just finished the first pack I bought. Will definitely buy them again since Riley seems to like them so much. I haven’t noticed any significant changes to his teeth though but it’s only been about a week.

  6. I try to brush every night Alex and Bella’s teeth.

  7. I aim to brush Daisy Mae, Luke and Trooper’s teeth 3 times a week, but seldom meet that goal. They play with doggie dental floss which is supposed to clean their teeth and chew on kibble and hard treats (AKA cookies). For good measure they get their teeth cleaned by the vet once per year. Sad to say that Luke’s appointment was canceled by snowmageddon today. Trooper and Daisy Mae had their appointments last week.

    • That sounds great! The weather seems to be going crazy this year :\ I know I’ll eventually have to schedule a dental cleaning for Riley, but he’s not great at the vet so I’m hoping to hold it off for a couple of years.

      I’ll also have to look into dental floss toys- I’ve seen them but haven’t tried any yet.

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