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Pals with Paws: Reunion!

Hi Guys! I haven’t done a pals with paws post in quite some time! Over the weekend I got to meet up with two very special friends that I haven’t seen since winter began! I’ve featured them in  previous posts found here and here.

For my new followers and those who just need a little refresher, I’ll provide you with a short intro to my pals. Snoopy is the black mini schnauzer sitting in my human friend’s arms. The small white dog  is named Tucker.

What a handsome guy!

And Tucker’s such a cutie!

Catch me if you can!


Pals with Paws

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, guess I must be running out of furry friends- oh no!

Anyway, I’d like to introduce to you guys my youngest friend at 6 months.. Tucker! This little guy was recently adopted by one of mommy’s friends and is believed to be a Toy Poodle- Shih Tzu mix!

I first met Tucker when he was around 4 months and he was so small the humans said we couldn’t play together yet. Anytime we tried to play, Tucker would end up with his head in my mouth- I wasn’t trying to eat him I promise! Now that he’s a little bigger and more mobile we get to run around together a bit more. Mommy is always worried I’ll accidentally hurt him because I’m still so much bigger than Tucker and kinda clumsy when I run really fast so our play is heavily supervised. Here are some pics of our last play date, it was cut short when it started to rain 😦

Pals with Paws

Introducing the dog who’s not only my oldest friend  but my mentor… Snoopy! I owe Snoopy a lot for teaching me how to be a dog, like how to go on walks, meet other dogs, sniff trees and all of the other good stuff!

The first day we met he came over to my house and all I wanted to do was hide. Snoopy was very patient and didn’t try to overwhelm me! Eventually, he slowly came over and we exchanged sniffs and the rest is history! Mommy and Snoopy’s mommy are best friends so we go on walks together all the time! I love going on walks with Snoopy and always have my ears perked listening for his jingling tags around the corner.

Snoopy is a 3 year-old Miniature Schnauzer! His personality is the complete opposite of mine but we still get along (most of the time). Although Snoopy has no problem asserting himself with other dogs he is very tolerant of me and puppies in general! Snoopy likes other dogs but he looooves people! Me? I’m the exact opposite, I rather be running around with my pals with paws than getting belly rubs from the humans. Snoopy doesn’t like to play with me too often but we still have our moments. I think our differences is what makes us such great buddies!

As always, picture time:

Oh and here’s a little hint of what’s to come on the next segment of Pals with Paws! I’ve come full circle, the student becomes the mentor!

Pals With Paws

Meet Myles! He’s one of my newest bestest friends ever. Funny story how we met:

Well, I was minding my own business in the backyard when all of a sudden a husky jumped over the fence! Whoa! He told me he pulled out of his owner’s grip so he could come say hi. I’m always looking for a new friend to play with so I couldn’t be happier! Silly mommy got scared. She later explained that guests usually ring the doorbell to come in. I know that, but we dogs like to do things the convenient way (ie. jumping over fences).

Without further ado, heerresssss Myles!


Sneak attack!

Okay. Okay.. I surrender..

Sorry for the lack of still shots, when Myles comes over it’s all play! Maybe mommy will get some better shots on our next play date.

Pals with Paws

Riley here, in case you guys are tired of seeing pictures of me all the time, I thought I’d introduce a few of my buddies. Dog parks are my favourite place to be, sometimes it’s good to have other dogs to run around with and to do the things you just can’t do with hoomans.

Today, I’d like you to meet Patches! He’s one special Jack Russell Terrier and at 13 years has no problem keeping up with me. He’s one happy-go-lucky-friendly-tail-wagging ball of  energy!

Patches and I just love to chase each other around the yard. In fact, when we first met, we snuck into the neighbours yard and had a field day! The only way for our mommys to bring us back was to tempt us with bacon..yum!

I decided to start off with Patches as he was one of the first dogs I met! I was still a shy little puppy at the time and was weary of other dogs-  I wouldn’t get near em’! It was only after meeting Patches and two other special doggies, did I realized how much fun I could have!

Here are some pics of our first meeting:

Oh, so that’s how it’s done. Interesting…

Let’s go again!

Need a breather.. I wonder if he’ll find me here.