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Rainy Day Games: The Muffin Tin Game

Here’s a short video of my attempt at The Muffin Tin Game. For any fur pals/parents that haven’t heard of this game I’ll provide a short description, though I think the video is pretty self-explanatory.

Anyway, all you need is a muffin tin, balls(around tennis ball size) and treats! Basically, have your human place treats inside the muffin tin and cover them with tennis balls.

Not only does this provide mental stimulation but it can also help with nose-work! For an extra challenge some tennis balls can be left with nothing under them.

This was my first attempt and, as you can tell, it took me quite a while to get to those treats! It took me over 5 mins to get the second ball out. I must admit, I’m not the most determined/persistent pup out there and I soon found more interest in playing with the stray tennis balls than the tin. Mommy said next time she’ll place some high-reward treats instead of food to capture my attention. Sounds good to me!


Small Success! Confidence with Children

Hey guys! Guess what? Little humans ain’t so bad after all! Well, at least not all of them. I used to be very scared of them because they’re strange and unpredictable. Once when I was puppy and still getting used to all the new sights and sounds I was ambushed by a little girl. Mommy and I were minding our own business when I was grabbed from behind by the little human! She didn’t even ask if it was okay to pet me! Even the ones that asked nicely made me nervous after that.

Any how, back to the good stuff! I had a great play date with Mommy’s 2 year-old niece and 6 year-old nephew today. I met them a long time ago when I was a pup but I was too easily excitable then, and scared them (I can appreciate the irony here). It also didn’t help that I the only way I knew how to play was with my mouth which was armed with sharp puppy teeth! But now that I’m a big doggy I’m much better! Mommy was a little nervous about how I’d react to them but I made her proud!

Mommy’s nephew wanted to play chase, which happens to be one of my favourite games! We had lots of fun running around in the yard and I remembered not to use my mouth. Then, when we were inside I let the little boy give me lots of pets. I was even okay when he stood over me and pretended to ride me like a pony, I just sat and let him give me a big hug.

I had lots of fun with mommy’s niece too. She was much slower and gentler than the little boy so I was calmer too. She would very delicately pet my back and helped mommy give me treats and water. We also played fetch for a little while until I accidentally lost the ball under the porch-Oops! ¬†It’s okay though, to make up for it I taught her how to “woof”. Now if the doorbell rings again she’ll know what to do ūüėČ

Overall we had a great day and mommy says we’re going back next week! Here’s what she has to say about my progress:

I was thrilled with how well Riley did. Since the weather has been warming up there have been more people and more kids out meaning, more people who want to “pet the cute doggie”. I wish I could take credit for how well he did today but I really can’t. What seems to really help Riley is exposure. We’ve been going on our usual walk but he’s just been encountering more children. Thankfully, he hasn’t been getting any “physical” attention just passing comments and stares. I’ve also been randomly rewarding him if we walk by a noisy playground or school which may be helping. ¬†He’s still a little fearful on-leash but I’m feeling very¬†optimistic¬†with his progress. Dreams of therapy dog status are slowly creeping back in, hopefully someday..fingers-crossed!



Rainy Day Games

It’s been raining a lot lately and, while I couldn’t care less, mommy seems to think we should spend more time indoors. We’ve still been playing lots of games inside though! I’ll tell you all about the games we play when we’re stuck indoors.


Mommy tells me to stay and then she runs off and hides somewhere. When she’s ready she says “Riley come find me” and I’m off! I used to be terrible at this game but now that I know the usual hiding spots I find her in no time! I love this game because we always have a celebration when I win.


This game is great and I get to burn off a lot of energy. Mommy tells me to run upstairs when I get there she tells me to come back down. When I come back down I get a treat! Then rinse and repeat! Sometimes she tries to run up and down with me but can never keep up hehe.

Obedience work:

When we’re stuck at home, mom likes to practice the important stuff that I need to master. Sometimes we learn new tricks too. Right now, we like to practice my stays and comes because she says they’re both really important in an emergency situation!


Sometimes all it takes is a good game of tug-of-war to make me one happy dog.

And then sometimes we do All 4 at the Same Time!

What are some of the activities you guys like to do when you’re stuck indoors?