My Kitchen Helper

Whenever I’m in the kitchen, I always have this little buddy who’s ready to help. His role? Clean up any scraps that fall to the floor. I must say, he does his job well.


Snow Mustache!

Milk ‘staches are overrated. I say we should all sport snow ‘staches.


Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

Winter Hike: Meeting new friends!

Humans had the day off on Friday so we went on a nice long hike late morning/early afternoon. We were surprised how many other doggies were about! Usually we’re lucky to bump into one or two other hikers but not this time. It was great! I made a small oops with recall while playing with one of the other dogs but after that I was perfect!

Here are some of the many other dogs I met:

Here are two puppies I played with, a westie and a schnauzer-poodle mix!

And a very well-behaved golden!


Just enjoying this big ol’ bone.

Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

First Hike this Winter!

Was finally able to go on a nice long hike! It was reaally cold out though (around -20 degrees C). Mommy had saddled me up with some boots and a jacket but as soon as I got outside I jumped around in the snow until they all came off! Who needs that whole getup when you got all fur?

Here are some pics from our hike!

I’ll have the lunch special.

This post is about a week or two late.. (blame the human for slacking with the uploads). We had a small family get together for the holidays which included a lunch at the table. Instead of having to wait around for table scraps, I got served in my own plate (bowl)- how fancy!



Of course I inhaled all my food and ended up begging for table scraps anyway 😛

Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

Staying Warm

Sometimes you just need to spend the day cuddled up in a blanket. (Especially when the humans are busy doing things humans do like “house cleaning”..)