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Sleepy Sunday

There’s nothing better than spending a Sunday morning sunning out on the deck then coming inside to cool down. Well, I guess having my own lounge chair would make it better *hint hint for the human*.. 🙂


Hit the deck!

So for the past few days the humans and I have been doing lots of yard work. Mommy says we’re rebuilding the deck since it was old and the wood was rotting. That’s fine with me, the more time  I get to spend outside the better! I even decided to help a little but was told  to leave it to the humans. Pfft, whatever they can do I can do better!

How can I help?

How can I help?

Hmm.. those are some big sticks.

Hmm.. those are some big sticks.

I'll take care of this one.

I’ll take care of this one.

Mommy says: Riley’s version of helping was providing me with more work! Look who decided to “help” paint..

I can help! I'll use my tail as a brush!

I can help! I’ll use my tail as a brush!

Silly mommy didn’t take any pictures of the old deck but hopefully we’ll be done soon so she can snap a few of the finished project!