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Beach Trip and New Friends

Going to the beach off season is great! There aren’t many humans around which means I get to run around off-leash! We’re not the only ones who take advantage of this. Here’s a snapshot of me playing with a boxer who was passing by.


Riley the brave!


And Riley the not so brave..

“Did you hear that?!”

Happy Halloween!

There are nights when the wolves are silent
and only the moon howls.
_ George Carlin

Riley, the Wild Thing?

Who me? Couldn’t be.

Over the weekend we had a chance to visit the woods for a nice long walk. It was unusually busy this weekend, we ran into quite a few people and dogs along the way.

I gave one group of people quite the scare though! I had run up a hill ahead of my humans who aren’t nearly as dexterous as I am, when I saw some humans approaching. Suddenly, they stopped and gasped, pointing at me. It was then mommy realized that those humans thought I was a wild animal! It was entertaining to hear their sighs of relief when they finally saw my leash and mommy and realized I was a doggy 😀

Enjoying the Sun.

After days of rain, there’s no better feeling than the warmth of the sun on your face. Sadly, rain is expected for the rest of the week, will be missing the good weather for the next few days. Meanwhile, the humans are bracing themselves for more muddy paws and the infamous “wet dog smell”.

Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

Hurry up humans!

It’s hard to tell from this photo but we were on quite a steep hill. Riley climbed it with ease but it was much harder for us humans. As you can see, he doesn’t look to thrilled having to wait for us slowpokes to catch up.

He gives us that look quite a lot..

& the reluctant sit..

Water hops!

Decided to post a short video of one of my beach adventures! Once again the water was too cold for the humans but that didn’t stop me! And yes, I am well aware that my legs do in fact look like sticks..

Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

Blue skies and Birds

Decided to go on an adventure to a new place today! The weather was great- the sun was out and not a single cloud to be seen! But there were things in the sky. We saw some unfamiliar birds that looked like a vulture/hawk cross! Mommy googled it and she thinks it may have been a turkey vulture!

Here’s the picture mommy took:

And here’s what a Turkey Vulture looks like:

Kinda scary looking, eh?