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Flowers and Fur

Went for a walk and decided to stop and appreciate the flowers while we still can. You know it’s starting to cool down when my mouth is shut and I’m not panting.

And here’s a pretty butterfly that was a little camera shy.


Thirsty work

Walking is thirsty work, especially when it’s really hot out! Looks like we’ve got one more blast of summer before fall creeps in. Thankfully the humans always have my water bottle handy.. and a few treats of course 😀

The little things..

I go on walks and hikes fairly often. Sometimes it’s nice to take a closer look at the little things to truly appreciate the beauty of nature.

The downfall to hiking?

Carry ons!

Whenever we go hiking I always manage to pickup little “friends” who like to snuggle up to my soft coat and go for a ride. Mommy has to carefully inspect me after every hike to make sure they don’t burying themselves into my skin and make me itch! Just last week she had to pull out some that were stuck under my leg fur. I stayed super still and let her- it was such a relief!

Do you guys have any tips on keeping these burrs and carry ons away? Or getting them off?


Nature walk..

Went on another hike this weekend! Lovely weather, beautiful scenery and great company.







Hiking with Riley

Had a great day hiking! Here are some pictures from our trip. It started off cloudy but on our way back the sun came out!