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Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.


Dashing through the snow!

There’s so much snow on the ground that my balls get lost! Luckily, this frisbee works as a great substitute. I’ll be posting a video soon, showing just how deep the snow is!

Sweater Weather

I got this cool looking sweater from my mommy’s aunt! It was a too tight around the chest/legs so I couldn’t keep it just yet. But I think I look pretty cute in it, don’t ya think? :p

My new fishy friend!

Mommy got a betta fish for her birthday! He’s feisty that’s for sure.

Though, I do have a small confession.. It actually took me a few days to notice him! Mommy, thought I was going crazy when I “randomly” started barking at the table. It was only later that the silly human figured out that I was trying to warn her about the new stranger in the house!

She then lifted me up and let me take a good look at him. After inspecting him carefully, I’ve decided he can stay.


Since mommy has been a lazy bum lately, I haven’t been getting my teeth brushed as often anymore. To supplement I’ve been getting dental chews like greenies as well as a water supplement. Do you guys have a teeth cleaning routine?

Sleeping Position

Yes, human, this is how I sleep, now leave me alone.

My Kitchen Helper

Whenever I’m in the kitchen, I always have this little buddy who’s ready to help. His role? Clean up any scraps that fall to the floor. I must say, he does his job well.

Snow Mustache!

Milk ‘staches are overrated. I say we should all sport snow ‘staches.


Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

Winter Hike: Meeting new friends!

Humans had the day off on Friday so we went on a nice long hike late morning/early afternoon. We were surprised how many other doggies were about! Usually we’re lucky to bump into one or two other hikers but not this time. It was great! I made a small oops with recall while playing with one of the other dogs but after that I was perfect!

Here are some of the many other dogs I met:

Here are two puppies I played with, a westie and a schnauzer-poodle mix!

And a very well-behaved golden!