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Winter Hike: Meeting new friends!

Humans had the day off on Friday so we went on a nice long hike late morning/early afternoon. We were surprised how many other doggies were about! Usually we’re lucky to bump into one or two other hikers but not this time. It was great! I made a small oops with recall while playing with one of the other dogs but after that I was perfect!

Here are some of the many other dogs I met:

Here are two puppies I played with, a westie and a schnauzer-poodle mix!

And a very well-behaved golden!



Mr. Octopus.. It was fun while it lasted.

Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

Middle ground?

In my world, it’s either play or sleep- no in between.  However, sometimes I try to do both at the same time.

Pals With Paws

Meet Myles! He’s one of my newest bestest friends ever. Funny story how we met:

Well, I was minding my own business in the backyard when all of a sudden a husky jumped over the fence! Whoa! He told me he pulled out of his owner’s grip so he could come say hi. I’m always looking for a new friend to play with so I couldn’t be happier! Silly mommy got scared. She later explained that guests usually ring the doorbell to come in. I know that, but we dogs like to do things the convenient way (ie. jumping over fences).

Without further ado, heerresssss Myles!


Sneak attack!

Okay. Okay.. I surrender..

Sorry for the lack of still shots, when Myles comes over it’s all play! Maybe mommy will get some better shots on our next play date.

Beach Day!

Gotta love sunbathing on the beach!

Guess what guys?  I scared mommy real bad at the beach today. But it was her fault I swear! We  enjoying a peaceful walk along the shoreline when mommy decided to play some fetch with a stick. My only demand was that she find a stick large enough so I didn’t end up with a sandy mouth. All was going well, I was being a pro-fetcher like always until KER-SPLASH I ended up taking a dive into the cold water. I was so confused that I wouldn’t move and the waves started pulling me away. Luckily, I’m a quick thinker and after the initial shock I swam all the way back to shore. Mommy says that she would’ve jumped in if I didn’t start swimming back and she was very proud of me. Needless to say, I was very proud of myself and celebrated with some well-deserved zoomies!

Shelties don’t like water? I must’ve missed the memo.

How else am I supposed to dry off? Mommy didn’t bring a towel.

Now, where did that stick go?

Got it!

What do you mean, “we’re going home”?

Now a word from “the hooman”:

So when Riley said it was my fault he was right. I was planning to eventually taking him swimming when it got warmer so I wanted him to start getting used to the water. In order to do this, I wanted him to associate the water with something fun, like fetch. So whenever we’re near open water and it’s safe I would encourage him to get near by throwing sticks first near, then into the water.

The first time I tried this he ran away when the waves came up. The next time few times he was definitely interested in the water but would retreat once his feet got wet. This time I expected him to do the same thing. I tossed a stick into the water but instead of running into the water, he attempted to leap over the wave to retrieve the stick. Poor thing didn’t know what hit him! If it had been warmer with calmer waters I would’ve been extremely happy but when the waves started pulling him in I freaked out. Thank goodness my brave little pup was able to swim back to shore. He was pretty unfazed by the whole situation and actually had a lot of fun! Lesson learned, don’t assume things especially when safety is a concern.

This must be where the Sandman gets his sand because I’m sooo