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Pals with Paws: Reunion!

Hi Guys! I haven’t done a pals with paws post in quite some time! Over the weekend I got to meet up with two very special friends that I haven’t seen since winter began! I’ve featured them in  previous posts found here and here.

For my new followers and those who just need a little refresher, I’ll provide you with a short intro to my pals. Snoopy is the black mini schnauzer sitting in my human friend’s arms. The small white dog  is named Tucker.

What a handsome guy!

And Tucker’s such a cutie!

Catch me if you can!


Pals with Paws

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, guess I must be running out of furry friends- oh no!

Anyway, I’d like to introduce to you guys my youngest friend at 6 months.. Tucker! This little guy was recently adopted by one of mommy’s friends and is believed to be a Toy Poodle- Shih Tzu mix!

I first met Tucker when he was around 4 months and he was so small the humans said we couldn’t play together yet. Anytime we tried to play, Tucker would end up with his head in my mouth- I wasn’t trying to eat him I promise! Now that he’s a little bigger and more mobile we get to run around together a bit more. Mommy is always worried I’ll accidentally hurt him because I’m still so much bigger than Tucker and kinda clumsy when I run really fast so our play is heavily supervised. Here are some pics of our last play date, it was cut short when it started to rain 😦