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Good Morning!

Although Riley sleeps in the living room, once in a while I have the pleasure of being woken up by this little monster jumping on my bed.


Sleeping Position

Yes, human, this is how I sleep, now leave me alone.

The Prince(ss) Needs a Pillow

My friends and I have a running joke about Riley being a princess. There are certain characteristics that make him fit the princess bill- one of them being needing a pillow to sleep.

Just another sleepy Sunday


Middle ground?

In my world, it’s either play or sleep- no in between.  However, sometimes I try to do both at the same time.

Sleepy Sunday

There’s nothing better than spending a Sunday morning sunning out on the deck then coming inside to cool down. Well, I guess having my own lounge chair would make it better *hint hint for the human*.. 🙂

Beauty Sleep.

Looks like someone still needs a few more hours..or days..