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My Crazy Puppy

So guess which crazy doggy decided to take a dolphin dive into the lake this weekend?

Since the weather was warmer this weekend (hovering above freezing), we decided to take a trip to the lake. When we got to the beach area we decided to give Riley some off-leash time. While Riley loves to jump around in the water and get his feet wet, he doesn’t actually do much swimming.

When we let him off-leash he immediately headed towards the water, got his feet wet and had a little drink. He came back and we played some fetch along the shore.

Boy was I surprised when in the middle of the game he decided to make a mighty leap of dock-dog proportions into the lake!

And of course he was unfazed by the icey cold waters and wanted to continue playing. Since the sun was going down and the temperature was dropping we decided to go home.

So what I want to know is, what is the craziest thing your pup has done? 🙂



Jumping for joy!

Sorry for the lack of posts! I’ve been super busy lately (much to the dismay of Riley..)

Here’s a photo I meant to post a while back. The one thing I love about Riley is his enthusiasm. He may be a lazy bum at times, but when he does choose to do things he does it with reckless abandon.

Water hops!

Decided to post a short video of one of my beach adventures! Once again the water was too cold for the humans but that didn’t stop me! And yes, I am well aware that my legs do in fact look like sticks..

Angry Llama

Took this photo a few weeks ago but forgot to post! So it looks like I might be half-dog-half-llama with maybe a lil alpaca mixed in there.. Who knew?

Thirsty work

Walking is thirsty work, especially when it’s really hot out! Looks like we’ve got one more blast of summer before fall creeps in. Thankfully the humans always have my water bottle handy.. and a few treats of course 😀

Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

Shimmy Shake!

One of the downsides to having such a long coat is how heavy it gets in the water. Gotta bust out my dance moves and give a lil shimmy shake to shed some of that weight!

Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.


Another trip to the Beach!

Spent a day at the beach last weekend! The water was too cold for the humans, but I was brave enough to get my feet wet. Here are some pics of my adventure!

Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.