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My Crazy Puppy

So guess which crazy doggy decided to take a dolphin dive into the lake this weekend?

Since the weather was warmer this weekend (hovering above freezing), we decided to take a trip to the lake. When we got to the beach area we decided to give Riley some off-leash time. While Riley loves to jump around in the water and get his feet wet, he doesn’t actually do much swimming.

When we let him off-leash he immediately headed towards the water, got his feet wet and had a little drink. He came back and we played some fetch along the shore.

Boy was I surprised when in the middle of the game he decided to make a mighty leap of dock-dog proportions into the lake!

And of course he was unfazed by the icey cold waters and wanted to continue playing. Since the sun was going down and the temperature was dropping we decided to go home.

So what I want to know is, what is the craziest thing your pup has done? 🙂



Enjoying the Sun.

After days of rain, there’s no better feeling than the warmth of the sun on your face. Sadly, rain is expected for the rest of the week, will be missing the good weather for the next few days. Meanwhile, the humans are bracing themselves for more muddy paws and the infamous “wet dog smell”.

Water hops!

Decided to post a short video of one of my beach adventures! Once again the water was too cold for the humans but that didn’t stop me! And yes, I am well aware that my legs do in fact look like sticks..

Third Eyelid

Did you know that dogs have a third eyelid? Well mommy didn’t.  In fact, she even freaked out and went to the vet because I had this “white thing” on my right eye. Silly human thought I was going blind! The vet explained to her that it was normal and I just have two different coloured inner eyelids. Pretty neat huh?

Mommy says: Oh, and if anyone is like me and couldn’t figure out where the “second eyelid” is, here’s the breakdown. The top eyelid counts as one lid and the bottom counts as another, so those are the “first and second eye lids”. That leaves the “third eyelid” (or nictitating membrane) which is the inner eyelid that adds extra protection and works similar to windshield wipers.

Angry Llama

Took this photo a few weeks ago but forgot to post! So it looks like I might be half-dog-half-llama with maybe a lil alpaca mixed in there.. Who knew?

Motion Shot Monday

No words. Just action.

Shimmy Shake!

One of the downsides to having such a long coat is how heavy it gets in the water. Gotta bust out my dance moves and give a lil shimmy shake to shed some of that weight!

Nose to the Hose!

What? Is there something on my face?

What? Is there something on my face? Continuing with the water ad barking theme, I thought I’d share a little video starring me and the hose.